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In-Person Nutrition Services

I offer a wide variety of in-person nutrition services. Services are private and tailored to meet your individual needs. Please ask about services for clients interested in Medical Nutrition Therapy, with an M.D.'s referral. My office is located in Mesquite, Texas. Accepting BCBS  health insurance as an in-network provider.

Let's begin together!

Getting Started

This initial consultation involves a full nutrition assessment. Goals are set and a plan developed based on the individuals needs. This is often the start of the lifestyle changes needed to promote long-term success. (1-2 hour session $225-$500)

Continuing On

These consultations are available to those clients who have been previously seen by me. The follow-up appointment will build on goals previously set. (single 1-hour session $100-$250)

In Your Kitchen with the Dietitian

We will explore all aspects of your home food environment and discover what your pantry and refrigerator say about you. Label reading, grocery shopping, and meal planning are also explored. Goals will be set as well.

Family Hour with the Dietitian

"It's a family affair!" Bring the whole family for a fun and educational session. We will focus on positive messages and review simple guidelines that all members of the family can relate to. Goal setting and helpful strategies will be tailored to your family and address any identified challenges to a healthy diet.

Grocery Shopping with the Dietitian

Take a tour with the dietitian through a grocery store. Learn how stores influence what you buy. I will "walk you" through information and strategies that help support your individual health goals. Grocery shopping lists and menu planning will also be discussed.

Four Week Program

Please refer to the four week program tab for more detailed information. This program includes 4 consecutive weeks of weekly meetings. Ongoing support as needed is given between sessions. Clients/patients have the option of meeting in-person or by phone.

Contact me today to learn more about my nutrition services and remote-coaching program.

PLEASE NOTE - neither myself personally or as registered or licensed dietitian nutritionist will sell products other than nutrition counseling services. Any supplements, herbs, food products or other similar products promoted or sold, have NO connection to me or my business. In addition, I never send blanket emails to promote products or have ever or would ever send such. Any legitimate emails from me will be sent as a personal email with specific information directly chosen and sent to the individual. Please always feel free to contact me by phone or email to check with me first if you are suspicious of information sent to you or promoted.