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Nutrition Classes in Mesquite, TX

Would you like to lose weight? Do you want to learn how to eat healthier? Take weight off in a healthy way and keep it off. Learn how to make changes that last. Would you like to learn more about managing your Diabetes or lowering your Heart Disease risk? A variety of small-size group classes are offered. Find out how support and accountability really can make a difference. Currently offered classes are listed below. 





Class Details

Introductory seminars  are offered regularly with times and dates dpendent on needs of the participants. More comprehensive class series are also offered and begin again on the fiirst week of each new month.  Please contact me by phone or e-mail for information about the date and time you are interested in. Weekday, evening and weekend times are available.

Introductory seminar/workshop: 2 hour meeting- cost is $85.

Comprehensive classes: includes a series of 4 one-hour weekly meetings.
Total cost for the class series- $225. 

Classes, seminars and workshops are limited in size: 2-4 participants each group. 

Location for all classes and groups - KW Nutrition office.

Fork, Dietician Program in Mesquite, TX

Contact me for more information on nutrition classes and support groups.

PLEASE NOTE - neither myself personally or as registered or licensed dietitian nutritionist will sell products other than nutrition counseling services. Any supplements, herbs, food products or other similar products promoted or sold, have NO connection to me or my business. In addition, I never send blanket emails to promote products or have ever or would ever send such. Any legitimate emails from me will be sent as a personal email with specific information directly chosen and sent to the individual. Please always feel free to contact me by phone or email to check with me first if you are suspicious of information sent to you or promoted.